· Vote! Vote! Not because it's your "civic duty," or because it's the "responsible thing to do"...I mean, it's also your civic duty and responsibility to not spend half your paycheck on drugs, be late on your child support payments, and show up to work hungover and/or drunk half the week, but you do that shit everyday anyhow. Vote because it's SPECIAL. Or don't, and go to the opening of the Oscar de la Renta store.
· Exit Art and Time Out throw an Election Day party, complete with "complimentary All-American hot dogs and beer." Yay! Wait a second...access to the "complimentary" food and booze costs 20 bucks. Insert lame "that's as misleading as Bush" joke here.
· Already voted? Don't care about voting? Wanna try to get on drunk hipsters who already voted or ironically don't care about voting? Head to Northsix tonight to check out San Francisco's Deerhoof.