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Even if he can't seem to properly execute a business plan, wannabe hotelier and Sikh playboy Vikram Chatwal certainly knows how to spread his PR seed. Chatwal originally angered celebrity photographer Dave LaChappelle by announcing that LaChappelle had co-designed his Dream NY hotel; unremarkably, a bitch fight ensured. Now the two have magically made nice and the Times is planning to print a retraction regarding LaChappelle's involvement with the hotel.

So did LaChappelle help co-design the hotel or not? We like HotelChatter's take on it: "We [are] thinking a giddy LaChapelle sketched out a 'dream hotel' on the back of a napkin, at some fashion show, handed it to Vikram, who then ran with the napkin sketch, yelling, from the highest hilltops 'David LaChapelle is designing a hotel for me.'" Sounds about right.
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