· Missed last night's Deerhoof show cause you were voting and being political and shit? Fat lot of good it did you! They play two shows tonight at the Knitting Factory, one at 6:30, the other at 10:00pm, to make up for it. Not for our contry's impending doom, but for, um, you missing the show. [Knitting Factory]
· Quirky brits The Futureheads take their off-kilter a cappella sound to Canal Room tonight. They're kinda like all those college a cappella groups, but less gay. [Flavorpill]
· The lovely men and women who brought you "The Bastard on the Couch" and "The Bitch in the House" anthologies
discuss precisely why men are bastards and women are bitches tonight at the New School. Bring a date! [New School]