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We don't WANT to focus on Tara Reid, but she keeps us so very occupied. In this fat edition, a post-nipslip Tara goes apeshit on a bystander. Also: Al Sharpton, Tim Curry, the Olsens (reunited!), Carson Kressley, Claire Danes, Rachel Dratch, Natasha Lyonne, Anna Wintour and the rest of the world at P. Diddy's Cipriani bash, Amanda Plummer, Fabrizio Moretti, Mike Meyers, Mischa Barton, Chris Noth, Chelsea Clinton and Ian Klaus, David Dinkins, Glenn Close, Morgan Freeman, Alfre Woodward, Mario Van Peebles, Jennifer Connolly, Meryl Streep, Julia Stiles, Harvey Keitel, Michael Imperioli, Vince McMahon, Michael Musto, Paris Hilton and Nicole Ritchie, Jay Z, Damon Dash, Mario Batali, Elizabeth Berkley, Maggie Gyllenhaal, Famke Janssen, Yoko Ono, Tim Robbins, Sandra Bernhardt, and Jessica Biel.

Walking down West Broadway in Soho around 2pm on Sunday and I pass Tara Reid looking rough as ever, with some other blonde chick. I m happy to report that both of her breasts were covered.. I m totally not into the celebrity thing usually I could care less but given all of her recent, **ahem** Media attention, I though that it might be fun to snap a picture of her on my cell phone camera and try to hawk it to page-six. So I followed her up Spring Street. Finally, I get took a shot of her and she saw me. She tried to snatch my phone out of my hands, and started screaming at me, in the middle of a huge crowd "You fucking bitch, what the fuck do you think you re doing?!?!? Did you see what she did???? Gimme that fucking camera, bitch Fucking Trash!!!" You could almost smell the rankness on her wow.

I passed by a cigar bar/cafe in Midtown West area on Saturday, Nov. 6th and caught a glimpse of Rev. Al Sharpton sitting with two other men by the window. He wasn't smoking a cigar, but was talking quite animatedly. Like many other celebrities, Rev. Sharpton looks a lot smaller in person than he does on TV and he's also got a large-ish

Tim Curry at the Dame Edna matinee on Sunday - standing directly outside the theater both before and after the performance in obvious need of attention. The Dame's show is worth it just for the Sam Champion references.

yesterday I was walking down bleecker yesterday afternoon enjoying the weather when I walked by magnolia bakery noting wow there isn't some stupid ass long line for once on a Sunday and looking into the window who do I see grinning out with her sunglasses on but MK Olsen (she is the brown haired one right?) She was getting a cupcake and peered in and saw Ashley standing with one in her hand and talking to some other girls who were with them. No word on if they actually ate the cupcakes but it appears that they are both back out and about in the city! Finally I had my own sighing. Personally, they look pretty tiny and their heads just looked large due to their little bodies.

saw mary kate olsen today (11/4) coming out of 27 w 20th - a random office building that apparently houses some masseuse to the stars (as my elevator companion and fellow mk stalker let me know). mk looked ridiculously tiny - i'm 5'3'' and literally TOWERED over her. also, she appeared to barely be able to carry her huge purse/bag thing. messy brown hair and oversized sunglasses inside a dimly lit building on a cloudy day, natch.

Noticed your post on Jai Rodriguez and Will Wikle @ Barracuda. Barracuda for the Queer Guy possibly? Just last Monday Carson Kressley was @ Barracuda chatting it up with DJ Brenda Black for a bit, before running out in a dash, not to be seen again. In other Queer news, Jai Rodriguez I think recently moved to one of the new "tower condo's" around 25th and 6th Ave. He can often be seen getting his morning coffee at nearby Antique Cafe and buying from the hood's nearby Flower District shops.

claire danes was at union pool on friday 11/5. sat in the window facing meeker st. from before 10 til about mightnight. seemingly fascinated with poodle-like girl next to her, they talked the entire evening, leaving super-skinny claire with little time to break up marriages or long-term relationships. no crudup in sight. nobody seemed impressed, but her guarddog guy in a sweatervest was giving the whole room the evil eye.

saw rachel dratch at mangia 57th street. very tiny and just as cute as a small, slightly weird puppy. she was dressed in jeans, sneakers, and a puffy coat, and this fan her exact same size complimented her. rachel was very sweet and talked to her for a bit, and when she left her tiny fan was beaming, as though the most popular boy just asked her to the dance.

november 4...technically november 5, as it was at 2:30am walked into the deli next to lit at 2:30am and got in line behind a crackhead who was harassing the workers to give her free cigarettes. when cracky turned around, i saw that it was none other than natasha lyonne, sporting the most disgusting pizza face i'd ever seen. it looked like bleeding freckles. she was struggling to stand up, and was barely able to annunciate. she was angrily bitching at the guy behind the counter, telling him that he owed her money, so he needed to give her cigarettes (a pack of marlboro reds), and then she started grabbing candy. she was with a middle-aged, heavy-set, short black woman with a horrible wig. they didn't seem to know each other that well, but natahsa was as polite as a shit-talking junkie could be, and asked the lady if she wanted any candy. the woman declined, and they both left the place, with their candy bars and cigarettes, without having to pay. I asked the man behind the counter if he knew who she was, and he nodded and rolled his eyes. i got the feeling she's a regular. it seemed depressing, but i found comfort in the fact that she at least has a possible comeback as a spokeswoman for pro-active in her future.

Saw Anna Wintour at P-Diddy's birthday at Cipriani wall street. Anna did a surprising smile thing to my friend, who thinks it's cause Anna liked what she was wearing (so...if you wear a suede dress, a gold coat, patterned tights, and gold shoes, you can apparently squeeze a pleasant expression from Anna's dour little face). Anna looked errr...:"cheerful, upbeat, but not in any particularly wow outfit. she had, like, a nice jacket." my friend couldnt tell if she was starving to death because of the jacket. she was with her daughter who is apparently pretty. Also spotted: Paris Hilton, whose weave is "outlandish, crazy, and horrible. She needs to get a black person to tell her how to do this stuff." Wearing a pink dress, smiling and being nice, and talking mostly to Carson Daly (not pudgy! wtf!). Patricia Fields, Betsy Johnson, Jay-Z, Q-Tip, Puffyhimself, Busta, etc, etc.

Friday late afternoon I had two celeb spottings as I killed time waiting to meet a friend before catching the new Alexander Payne flick 'Sideways' at USQ. Celeb spotting numero uno: Amanda Plummer, standing next to me in the waiting-to-pay line at Anthropologie on Broadway, emphatically gesturing NO when the sales clerk asked her (as she asked everyone) if she wanted to give them her phone number. Ms. Plummer's low-level panic attack at the question seemed very unwarranted, given that the saleschick was perhaps 19 and clearly had no idea who she was. I KNEW, of course, but thought it would freak her out more if I leaned over to say it was a standard question. Celeb spotting numero dos: Fab Moretti from the Strokes with possibly other members of the band, although he was the only one I recognized. I saw them coming out of Tower Records in Union Square. I gotta say, I was expecting Fab to be MORE fab, y'know? He was cute, I guess, but he was just another one of those tall, scruffy, rocker boys with no ass to speak of. Kind of a let down. Not sure why.

Was at the Ear Inn on Spring on Saturday night, when Mike Myers came in with 3 others. Looked like that little hyperactive kid character he played on SNL with Nicole Kidman a few years back. As he walked by, I grabbed him, fell to my knees and pleaded with him to take me to Canada to escape the reign of Bush II. No...wait. I didn't actually do that. I did, however, think about it.

I went to Nobu on Election Night (11/2) for my boyfriend's birthday. Next table: Mischa Barton of "The OC", with two teenage-looking female friends. Very pretty and gorgeously dressed in person, which was disappointing. I want my celebrities groggy and disheveled!

I saw Chris Noth at Union Square Coffee Shop today, he was sitting by himself and looking generally shitty and soup kitchen-y. He had a scruffy face and mustache and was wearing homeless style gear, and he looked pissed off. I'm also pretty sure that Mallory from Real World Paris was walking in as we were walking out, although my friends thought she looked too different. I pointed out that shes a model now and its been like 3 years since the show....either way I hate her for going out with the mysterious Mr. David Blaine. bah!

Spotted Chelsea Clinton and her bf, Ian, sharing a cigarette in front of Chow in the west village yesterday (10/31). They are both unanimously unattractive — Glad the found each other. Also spotted David Blaine making his latest model-girlfriend pose with a slew of NYPD officers yesterday on Houston and McDougal. Not sure who she was, but Josie Maran is far hotter...and he has gained about 100 lbs since his stint over the Thames.

Saw former Mayor (and tennis player during the Crown Heights riots) David Dinkins, lunching outside during the nice weather on Sunday, Oct. 31. at 94th and Columbus at Roth s Steakhouse. Of course he was wearing shorts and sneakers tennis anyone?

Glenn Close with a female friend eating and enjoying a performance by Paquito D'Rivera at Dizzy's Club Coca Cola (inside the new Jazz @ Lincoln Center in the Time Warner Building). She was joined by Wynton Marsalis during the set.

Morgan Freeman, Alfre Woodard, and Mario Van Peebles (with a FINE ASS, 5'6", 110 lb. brunette in a red dress on his arm) also at Dizzy's Club Coca-Cola during an earlier performance by Paquito D'Rivera.

Spotted Jennifer Connelly avec enfant at the Borough Hall subway station in Brooklyn last week, on the morning of the subway centennial. I thought this fitting tribute to how far the MTA has come: the trains are so clean these days that even Oscar winners ride 'em.

Meryl Streep at corner bistro on 11/1 for lunch. Looking very relaxed and happy to chat up patrons at the bar.

Last night, I saw Michael Musto (from Village Voice/every bad 100 Worst Celebrity Fill in the Blank Here Show) trying (unsuccessfully, maybe drunk?) to hop on his extremely dillapidated bike on 3rd Ave. around 32nd Street. He was looking around like he was simultaneously thinking "I hope everyone knows who I am" and " I hope no one recognizes me because I look like such an enormous tool not being able to get on my stupid bike."

Enjoying a cup of coffee and a nice piece of pie yesterday, I was sitting next to Harvey Keitel, as Michael Imperioli stopped at his curbside table to exchange pleasantries. Seemed normal enough...except just over their shoulders and unseen by them appeared Vince McMahon surrounded by family and glumly pushing a baby carriage.

I saw Julia Stiles dressed up as the tooth fairy and chatting with another woman (I think it was her sister if she has one - they looked really similiar!) at the Village Halloween parade. She looks really normal in person, not freaky movie starish. I wouldn't have even noticed her if my fiance didn't say "Hey, isn't that that girl you like? From the Bourne Supremacy?"

Ran over poor Liv Tyler and her dog as I was walking down 11st on Friday evening. I had no idea who it was until I was completely tangled in her dog's leash. When I finally looked up and saw her I was immediately struck by how freakin' pretty she is! She has the softest voice too. I think I managed to fall in love with her in the space of that 10-second encounter.

Sitting at Starbucks on Varick and Spring (11/1, 4:15), just saw a bored-looking Paris Hilton and Nicole Ritchie walk by not once, but twice, being filmed for "The Simple Life 3". Cars with nothing better to do waiting to go through the Holland Tunnel had fun honking and taking pics with their camera phones. No Tinkerbell, or either of Nicole's dogs, and they certainly weren't speaking to each other. I much prefer them drunk, obnoxious and being least that's fun.

just saw PARIS HILTON AND NICOLE RITCHIE on varick street walking the strip from king to spring. obvs filming for 'simple life'. cameras everywhere. paris is very tall, was wearing all black with huge black sunglasses. didn't pay much attention to nicole. they were carrying huge bags (groceries?) and nicole dropped hers all over the street. paris ran across as to not get hit by traffic. so random. all the people in the office buildings along varick street were just staring and laughing.

Elizabeth Berkley walked into the bathroom of Space Untitled while I was using it. She was very apologetic about walking in on me, and I would have been more embarrassed had it been anyone but her. I mean, if she can live down the worst sex scene ever to make it to celluloid, I can survive being interrupted mid-pee.

The Spotted Pig was the place to be after Jay-Z's notorious Friday Night Madison Square Garden concert. Damon Dash and Jay Z pulled up around 3AM with a large but incredibly sedate posse and reopened the kitchen and stole the spotlight away from Mario Batali who was enertaining friends in the front bar.

election day: on my way to work after voting for kerry when i ran into maggie gyllenhall coming out of her trailer parked on 2nd ave. headed for st. marks church to film something. very pretty and much taller than i expected. photographers were hanging around taking her picture as she walked; she was very nice to them.

Maggie Gyllenhaal looking quite smug loaded with shopping bags walking down the street in front of Pastis on 11/1

was just outside having a smoke at 11:30am and saw famke janssen walking her cute little french bulldog in the park on sixth and spring. she's super tall, was wearing chuck taylors, jeans and sunglasses. looked kinda nervous someone was going to talk to her and seemed in a rush...the woman is gorgeous tho. lord.

Saw Yoko Ono walking with a younger guy across the street from Radio City Monday night. Yokes was wearing all black, big black shades (natch) and looked incredibly short (is she shrinking, or is it just me?).

Tim Robbins was standing outside of FoodWorks on 19th street in the Flatiron District Election Day. He was looking decidedly scruffy in a back hoody, black pants, black t-shirt, and 5 o'clock shadow that must have started last Friday. He was talking on his cell phone about what else? The election!

Sandra Bernhardt at whole foods on 23rd. She gave my i-pod totin' ass the up-down.

soho, saturday the 30th, afternoon, saw Jessica Biel looking very blonde and semi-undercover. her beautiful, salon-perfect locks were topped with a camo cap, and she had on a knee length tweedy coat, worn jeans ripped at the knee, and clogs (ugh). she was also carrying some little black leather incarnation of a designer "it" bag (I'd call it "generic fashionista"- or is that a redundant? muahaha). anyway, she was accompanied by a group of middle-aged, out-out-town looking women (relatives?), and was happily snapping photos of them in front of that truck sculpture/tourist favorite on west bway and prince.