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The Defamer correspondent on Meg Ryan fixations files this report speculating about whether a certain A-lister is in danger of being forcibly molded into America's New Sweetheart by a nostalgic filmmaker:

Is it just me — or is Sony's Bewitched director Nora Ephron still carrying a torch for lovable lip-biting moppet Meg Ryan and their 1980's glory days?

First, she puts Nicole Kidman in a goofy sun cap (clearly the "Meg" look), then she "re-imagines" the Bewitched film as a new story set in sunny Los Angeles surrounding the re-making of a 1960's TV show starring a brash, impulsive romantic leading man (Will Ferrell) meeting a sweet, quirky & gullible leading lady (Nicole). Sounds more like Sleepless in TV Land or maybe When Darrin met Samantha. Let's hope Sony execs don't freak when they see dailies of this good old fashioned Nora Ephron romantic fable that plods along to the obligatory happy finale/reunion of two mismatched-yet-destined-to-be lovebirds. Hopefully Harry Connick Jr is too busy and won't be singing the TV theme lyrics.

PS— good news for Nora, I betcha Meg Ryan would play Samantha in a straight-to-video sequel!!

Certainly, there are worse things than being the When Harry Met Sally Meg being the unrecognizable, balloon-lipped In The Cut/Against the Ropes Ryan. Kidman shouldn't sweat it so long as she remembers not to open the door to her trailer when the collagen squad pays a visit.