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In this edition: James Franco, Nick Lachey, Mena Suvari, Kristin Chenowith, David Duchovny, Olsens, Dana Delany, Paul Bettany, Jesse Metcalfe, Boy George, Don King, David Caruso, Woody Harrelson, Jason Lewis, Bob Saget, Susan Sarandon, Alfred Molina, Mario Batali, Anderson Cooper, Jocelyn Wildenstein, Bebe Neuwirth, Ethan Hawke, Christy Turlington and Ed Burns, Jeremy Pivens, Claire Danes, Rudy Giuliani, Denise Rich, John Mayer, Iman, Josh Hartnett, Frederique, Patty Scialfa, Omarosa, Janeane Garofolo, Lou Reed and Julian Schnabel, Seamus Heaney, Kathleen Chalfont, Mandy Patinkin, Frank Rich and Alex Witchel, and Nilo Cruz.

At the theatre, saw James Franco, alone, third row aisle. Black jacket with high collar, dweeby office-ready gray pants, wearing what the salesmen at Florsheim call "dress shoes." He was trying hard not to be noticed, kept his hand over half of his face while waiting for the curtain. Cute, polite (applauded enthusiastically, didn't push his way up the aisle after), and slight. My friend commented on his small feet. I think it was the ugly shoes, myself.

I was meeting up with my brother to get some cheaper cat food from the 'burbs last night (11/9) and since he had tickets to Rent we decided to meet in front of the theater. We met up and he quickly handed over the goods and I turned to leave. That's when I noticed a film crew behind me. I next saw a vaguely familiar smallish blonde woman (who turned out to be Mrs. Drew Lachey). The next thing I know, the studly newlywed himself, Nick Lachey, appeared from the limo. I didn't get a chance to check out if he was still wearing his wedding band, but he was definitely sans the missus. I wonder if maybe those break up rumors are true? I would have asked, but he was hurried into the theater.

saw mena suvari at tamarid in the flatiron district friday night 9ish. She was with three girlfriends (no cinematographer husband in sight) and was waiting at the bar... the place was packed so i can only assume she was waiting for a table like everyone else. looked pretty (petite, not teeny tiny). still working the reddish brown hair color.

saw kristin chenoweth aka glenda the good witch from wicked the musical and lucy from you're a good man charlie brown at williams sonoma in the mall at columbus circle. head to toe designer clothes down to a gucci scarf... her hair was perfectly pulled back in stepfordesque pony tail. she was chatting and browsing with man friend - voice sounds exactly the same as in character (read: high pitched).

On my way to work this morning I saw David Duchovny standing on 2nd ave @ 10th street waiting in the cold to film something at Veselka. He was chatting up a PA by a bench and looked really casual and unshaven, perhaps trying to look like the film crew even, but as cute as ever.

Saturday night saw MK and Ashley Olsen at a korean bbq place on Mercer with two older guys, I'd assume their dates. They both had these huge balenciaga(?) bags that if possible made them look even tinier than they already are...was in the bathroom when MK came out of a stall and she didnt wash her hands!!!! (but I guess that's not a big deal since she probably wasn't even really going to the bathroom).

spotted dana delany on the small piece of remnant carpet in front of carolines being interviewed for the new york comedy festival. small gaggle of reporters — not a single gawker/tourist to be seen despite all the cameras and the times square location. sadly, the reporters didn't seem to know whom she was; overheard one whisper to the other: she was the one on boston public last night.

This morning, who should get on the train with his adorable androgynous child and sit right beside me but that worldwide phenom faux tennis stud cum thespian cum browbeaten Jennifer Connelly ball to her chain Paul Bettany. Yes, he is Hot, in a stringbean British albino sort of way. He feigned interest in his androgonous child's ability to read the Christian college propoganda posters on the subway car walls. They applauded their stop. It was delightful.

I saw Jesse Metcalfe (John on Desparate Housewives and formerly Miguel on Passions) at Pianos last night. He is v. small, but v. good looking. He talked on his cell phone the entire time, while his friends talked amongst themselves. They kept looking around as if to see if anyone noticed who their "cool" friend was.

saw boy george w/boyfriend and a small semi-cute dark haired punk looking girl at friends 2 sushi on st.marks and ave. A. the girl asked for seat in back of restaurant, and they were led to a comfortable booth. bg and friend had a mid dinner smoke on the corner. according to my dinner companion, when they passed our table the make-up wearing '80s star checked me out. he was wearing that cool hat.

On 11/11 during my morning drudge to work my sleep starved eyes spotted Don King standing outside of The Michelangelo at 51st and 7th Ave. He was looking very haggard, dressed in a classic Cosby sweater. He had some big bodyguard contenda-wannabe type by his side. The doormen were standing behind him laughing, presumably at the sweater or those hideous glasses he wears.

Just saw David Caruso from CSI Miami at Starbucks on 67th and Columbus. Wearing a baseball cap and sunglasses, but the red hair was still visible. He got confused about where to pick up his drink- clearly was not typecast as an investigator- and was as monotone as ever.

Lets start with seeing Woody Harrelson and Jason Lewis at Pure Food and Wine with a bunch of other beautiful funny people. Funny seeing Jason Lewis at the rare food joint as thats where we first met him in SATC — also think I saw the supersize me couple — then went for cocktails at bungalow and saw Bob Saget was he looking for his tv daughters?? I am trying to think who else but its blurry — oh yeah susan sarandon at pop burger (guess she was hungry???) thought she was a vegatarian but who knows.

saw Alfred Molina walking into Rosie O'Grady's on 72nd st in midtown, monday night 11/8. he bumped into a bunch of journalists who were walking out after a knight-bagehot celebration, but then gallantly held the door open for us. major splotchy Fiddler-related facial hair thing going on.

sorry this is a bit late, my weekend hangover/NYC marathon in my brain is just starting to wear off! anywho, so thurs night i went to the REM concert at MSG with some friends and sat so close to the stage, i could pratically measure the vast expanse of michael stipe's eyeshadow/facial mask. anyway, REM was awesome and while there i saw mario batali holding court in the third row (?!?!), possible random strokes and possibly the greatest celeb sighting i have ever witnessed (ok, after ben bratt glowing in white linen in summer on park ave) — anderson cooper from CNN. i know, i'm a pathetic CNN-obsessed loser, right? but seriously seeing him in person was rather shocking because he looks imposing and tall on TV but is at MAX 5'8" or something in person. seriously, the furniture on his set must be about two feet tall. he is even cuter in person, as he is really tiny. a pocket anchor! he even pretended not to notice my friends and i doing a very uncool "holy shit that's anderson cooper!??!" minor meltdown. of the all times in my life NOT to be surrounded by my usual posse of gay guys!

Sunday evening, Dean & Deluca at 85th/Mad. Saw Jocelyn Wildenstein turn quickly and bump into a small child carrying a dish of ice cream. As she said "pardon" several times (in french), both mother and child were dumbstruck. I passed the child victim a few minutes later in the produce section. She was still reliving the trauma, but I overheard her say to her mother "I'm okay, but those people are spooky." If achieving the cat look was her goal, she's hit a home run. I didn't get a good head on look, but from my angle, I would swear there were whiskers on that visage.

Had 2 sightings in the West Village on Sunday. Walking on 11th St near the Spotted Pig saw Bebe Neuwirth with some young guys. She had on bright red boots was walking with a cane and a limp. Also, later that evening walking north on Hudson Street I saw Ethan Hawke (is it law that every Nyer see him at least once a month?) walking with an older lady and a guy his age. He looked a little scruffy but good.

On the November 8 flight returning to JFK from Jamaica...Christy Turlington and Ed Burns. She looked great, dressed in casual yoga/island white. He looked as you would expect. Both were very low key and relaxed. Ed was swinging their baby and putting a huge smile on his/her face...seems like a great dad. Also on the flight and sitting directly behind them was Kayne West rocking the new ipod and some ear bling, covered by a blanket and looking eager to take a nap.

I was on Prince St., the epicenter of the stalker universe, on Sunday afternoon when Jeremy Pivens walked by and checked out some T shirts at the market. He was wearing non-breathable looking green synthetic pants and a denim jacket. Just as I was explaining to another eye-witness that "he's the guy who always plays, like, John Cusack's sleazy best friend", who walks by but Claire Danes. She looked totally normal and pretty (in a normal way) and happy, although she was wearing a mumsy-looking navy blue quilted jacket. She was with a male friend, not Crudup, who totally set off my gaydar.

So I am walking my dog at about 10 AM today (Tuesday)on Greenwich Street and I feel someone staring at me. I quickly look up and then look away as it's just a couple strolling by. I feel it again. You know the stare that gets you to turn around and notice something. It was Jeremy "Ari" Pivens with a redhead about a foot taller than he (neither of them anything too special to look at) and he gave me the "look at me I'm somewhat famous" stare that many b/c listers perfect to get themselves noticed. It worked.

Sunday - Nov. 7: Upper East Side - Former Mayor Rudy G. and wife Judith posing for a photog outside Nello's. Big Black SUV waiting for them on the curve. A few minutes later, Denise Rich walking up Madison Avenue looking really trashy. Guess all that $$$ doesn't buy...

Tuesday - Nov. 9: Virgin Mega Store on Union Square - John Mayer with two buddies shopping for cds. I heard him say "everyone's coming out with their 'best of' cds." He's tall with messy hair and was wearing a hooded sweatshirt, low-rise jeans and sneakers. He seemed friendly agreeing to have pictures taken with his fans using their cell-phone cams.

Saw Iman, aka Mrs. David Bowie, in Soho this past weekend. She was tall but not as tall as I expected. Otherwise she looks the same as in photos of her, well put together and elegant. The streets were packed with tourists and she was clearly agitated by the crowd and scooted to the corner of a building to avoid getting trampled.

Tim Roth was spotted (by me) last night at Woo Lae Oak, (148 Mercer btw Houston and Price) talking crazily with his hands and sporting very large glasses reminiscent of Kevin Costner in JFK.

On Sunday 11/7 at 5:45 saw Josh Hartnett in ABC Carpet & Home. Was wearing an olive knit hat, Kennedy administration eyewear and sporting a goatee. He was upset with the sale staff because he had ordered a blanket and nobody called him to say it came in. It appeared that had no record of the order. (It was a $2,000 cashmere blanket trimmed in ultrasuede). He left the store ticked off. Then at 6:15 pm on 16th and Fifth Ave saw supermodel Frederique Van Der Wal with her husband and daughter. Looking beautiful in brown tweed. And last week I saw Jocelyn Wildenstein at the Sotheby s Impressionist Evening Sale. I m at a loss for words to describe her

Sat in the MOMA store in Soho- Josh Hartnett with girlfriend model Daria Werbowy. She looking annoyed and very ordinary, he looking like an Ethan Hawke wannabe but not as scruffy. Had on the hipster eyebrow glasses.

Tues saw either Patty Scialfa (or Patty Scialfa's twin) on Barneys first floor and looking like she had a nose job.

Tuesday evening I saw Omarosa in the the 2nd ave F train station. She stood out from the regular east village crowd- looked very corporate in a camelhair coat and that slicked back hair. She's tall for a TV personality. A pretty uneventful sighting but it reminded me that a few months ago my film tech buddy spent a day working with her & her fiance (and mother too I think). Apparantly they were sweet as could be and at some point alluded to her TV persona as just a role she plays / her job. My friend seemed very taken with all of them, I was surprised as he's usually so jaded.

Janeane Garofolo and I made eye contact as we nearly ran into each other on the corner of 10th and University on Sunday afternoon. She quickly looked away and scowled sternly ahead. She was carrying groceries and was wearing an orange hoody, and her face looked too thin (but I still like her). Also, in a sighting that will excite literally no one but myself, I saw the actress who played Maria's clingy friend Blanca in MARIA FULL OF GRACE (one of my favorite films of the year) on the N train tonight (Tuesday) in Astoria. I was engrossed in reading when I looked up and noticed a woman standing in front of me who seemed familiar, and then I realized it was her (she looked the same she did in the movie - plain and scowly). How random! I mean, a Janeane sighting you'd expect, but this one was much more fun.

last night, having cocktails at EN japanese brasserie, at the next table were LOU REED and JULIAN SCHNABEL with their older lady posse in tow. sad to say that my favorite rocker now looks and hangs out with a bunch of people who look like my parents' friends.

At a benefit for the Kenyon Review last night, poetry-world super-star and Nobel Laureate Seamus Heaney. He was very friendly and relaxed, not one of those writers who hides in a corner when forced to socialize at literary fundraising events, gnashing their teeth at the commercialism of it all. Wonderful Irish accent, looking younger and more virile than one would have expected. Seemed genuinly glad to be told, for the eight thousandth time, how much I loved his work. Unfortunately I left early — apparently had I stayed for the dinner portion of the evening I could have reported Paul Muldoon as well, who was seated at my table. Not that anyone knows who he is, even in New York. But trust me, he's good.

Really stalked Kathleen Chalfont tonight (she may be obscure for you Olsen midget fanatics, but to us urban sophisticates, she's a major theatre diva). Rode up in an elevator with her to a theatre on W.36th street where she did a reading, sat in the audience for the reading and then sat next to her at the bar at the New Yorker hotel, post performance. She's very elegant, very personable and just swell. Didn't even call for help when we walked out of the bar at the same time.....

Saw Mandy Patinkin on the corner of 83rd and Lexington, looking an awful lot like the cranky walking dead man he plays on Dead Like Me. (Though since I believe I'm the only living human who watches this program, I'm sure the reference is lost.)

I saw Frank Rich & Alex Witchel at Angus McIndoe, trying to escape the rain and no doubt enjoy a pre-theatre meal.

Pulitzer Prize winning playwright Nilo Cruz was spotted in Harlem last night (Nov. 9) at Columbia University's production of "The House of Bernarda Alba" with his GODMOTHER. The cute 'n' gay writer spent the majority of his time split between coddling his doyenne and canoodling with young MFA actresses. Is this one of Bush's first initiatives? Compulsory heterosexuality in THE THEATRE?