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Publicists Ken Sunshine and Brad Cafarelli have released this explanation for Cameron Diaz and Justin Timberlake's weekend paparazzi skirmish in front of Chateau Marmont, in which Diaz appropriated a camera for "evidence":

"Ms. Diaz and Mr. Timberlake were ambushed by two men, who jumped out of a concealed hiding place on a dark, deserted street, late at night. Any actions by Diaz and Timberlake were merely taken in self-defense, as a reaction to the unprovoked and assaultive conduct of the two men. Ms. Diaz retained the photographer’s camera in order to be able to identify the individuals who jumped out at them. The camera has since been turned in to local authorities, who are investigating the incident."

Oh, the camera-snatching was self-defense! Being a celebrity does indeed justify the hazard pay. Every trip down the red carpet is like a suicide run through Falluja! We commend Diaz's courage in protecting her partner from this latest shutterbug danger.

[Photo: US Weekly]