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The LAT finally gets around to covering the harassment lawsuit filed against some Friends writers by former writers' assistant Amani Lyle. There's the expected litany of quotes from writers trying to preserve the filthy sanctity of The Room for sitcoms staffers everywhere. (If this is what we get with total freedom, imagine what would happen if people lost their ability to speculate about Courteney Cox's genitals.) At least the article (and possibly the lawsuit) might improve a defendant's sex life, as the proceedings afforded one of them an opportunity to dispel the rumor that he's inattentive to his partners:

Lyle complained that writer Adam Chase told the group that he was not into foreplay and was "all about" intercourse. Chase denied that. "Absolutely not," he said in a deposition.

Unfortunately, we may have to wait a few more months to find out Chase's feelings about post-coital cuddling. We're betting he's "totally into it."