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—The fearless, fashion-lashing gals at Go Fug Yourself take on fugtastic wild child Bijou Phillips—and Bijou never stood a chance. Good luck picking her handbag out your asses should your paths cross at a party, ladies!
—Before we ever sat down at the computer today, we just *knew* that Lionel Richie's ex-wife was going to get busted for letting her new boyfriend run an illegal wrinkle-injection clinic out of her home. It's like Spider-sense or something.
—Shitergy in brief: ABC admits that having Nicollette Sheridan pretending to bang Eagles receiver Terrell Owens before a game to cross-promote Monday Night Football and Desperate Housewives might not have been the best idea. [via The Media Drop]
—Lindsay Lohan throws a diva shit-fit over some some fucked up plane reservations, leading us to believe that Fez was a much-needed moderating influence on her. Oh, how we miss the Fez days!