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It's official: you love to hate Jonathan Cheban, the Nobody best known for hanging out with trashy Somebodies! A reader weighs in on our favorite man about town:

so laughable your item on Cheban, had to send this from an anon account...

the guy is a pencil-necked dork originally from NYC who has always been a lecherous zero. The funniest part of it all was that Gotham magazine put him among their 100 bachelors in the city recently ... when it's so obvious that [LIBELOUSLY SPECULATIVE AND THUS REDACTED INSINUATION REGARDING SEXUALITY]. ask anyone who went to those top private schools in New York - he was like 24 or 25, and latching on to high schoolers paris and nicky (15 ish at the time) as a mealticket.

I can't wait for his picture to be posted.

Well, by all means. We live to serve.
[Image con la Grubman via PatrickMcMullan]