So, Seth Mnookin's Timesarrific book, Hard News, has been out for a week, and—surprise!—it's apparently not boring, or or even inaccurate. And we know how hard writing something like that can be.

Entertainment Weekly's reviewed it. New York mag reviewed it. The ombudsman of The Washington Post reviewed it. Hell, even those Commie-hating freaks at the New York Sun reviewed it. But wait: for SOME reason, the Times, which has lately been obsessed with making its culture coverage ultra up-to-the-minute, hasn't reviewed it in either the Sunday paper OR the daily paper.

So what's going on? Because, like, there's no way they wouldn't review an entire book that addressed whether they fairly presented the news just because there were parts of it that made them look a little uncomfortable... There's no way they'd do something like, say, decide to bury a Sunday review a month or so in the future and not even bother writing it up for the daily. Because it's The New York Times. And they'd never do something like that, right? Right? Bueller?