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After the Observer ran a profile on "schmooze" master Jonathan Cheban, who professes to be first-name-basis friends with "MK" and the like, we realized that, in all likelihood, no one on earth likes this man. As such, another reader writes in with an account of Jonathan Cheban, dedicated celebufriend and coattail-rider of the rich and fabulous:

So I worked for that fool (Weinberg) while that other complete fool Cheban was interning there. As far top 100 bachelors go, and their inclusion of Cheban, well, they should just have put the Pat character from SNL as well. While sniveling (like Weinberg) and basically useless (like most publicists as at the time, myself included), I NEVER heard/saw him hanging out with all of these incredible folks he claims to have known his whole life. Christ, the silly fop couldn t even stuff envelopes when he was there, let alone cruise around with random starlets. I just thought he was there to get laid, like any other self respecting PR intern. With whom? Well

Yet another reason Cheban is this week's Most Abhorrent New Yorker.
[Image via Cheban's Friendster Profile]