Hey, look who's back? It's Razor magazine editor and wannabe talking head Richard Botto! Botto is a little bored with editing his magazine (plus, editing is hard, right?), it would seem, as his publicist slaves are now pimping him out as the talking head du jour, worthy of speaking on MSNBC regarding "basically any topic you may need a commentator of some kind." Hmm. Well, we don't want to use phrases like "desperate attempt to boost visibility" this early in the morning, so we'll let the pathetic PR pitch speak for itself.

——-Original Message——-
From: IPMoffice
To: MSNBC Booking
Subject: GUEST PITCH - Editor-in-chief/Publisher from RAZOR Magazine


I am contacting you on behalf of independently published men's lifestyle magazine, RAZOR and their editor in chief, Richard Botto and his interest to be considered by your programming to be utilized as a talking head on various topics — basically any topic you may need a commentator of some kind, speaking on behalf of the publishing industry. He has been asked to do this kind of thing before.

Attached is his bio for you to review, and if you needed a past segment where it shows that he has been utilized for these kinds of things I could send that off to you as well. And, also, here is a link to his website for even more information!... www.richardbotto.com

Let me know your thoughts when you have some time and if you would like me to send you his latest issue and press kit!

I look forward to hearing from someone soon. Have a great day!

They forgot to include "pretty please."