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The fourth day of Disney CEO Michael Eisner's testimony in The Hollywood Trial of the Century featured Eisner proving that it's not only agents that lie, as he and about-to-be-executed president Michael Ovitz attempted a face-saving, investor-appeasing appearance on Larry King Live in 1996. The two did everything short of an on-air tattooing of heart-encircled "Mike & Mike 4-ever" pledges on each other's chests to make their relationship seem copacetic.

King then asked: "So, Michael Eisner, would you hire Michael Ovitz again today?"

"Yes," Eisner quickly responded. "The answer is yes. The answer is yes."

Eisner admitted that he might have been "less than upfront" during the TV appearance, but mitigated his dissembling by claiming that he crossed both his fingers and toes while answering, telling himself that when King asked if he would "hire Ovitz again," he actually meant, "change the locks on his office, slash his tires, and instruct Disney security to forcibly sodomize Ovitz with a souvenir blunderbuss from the Pirates of the Caribbean gift shop should he ever try to return."