Sharon Waxman Has Hollywood Over A Barrel

NYT Hollywood reporter Sharon Waxman's technique for getting insiders to dish for her new book, Rebels on the Backlot, has finally been revealed: the good ol' fashioned threat of sodomy.

"She got a lot of people to cooperate because they felt they had no choice," claims a Hollywood insider. "She kind of bent them over a barrel, if you know what I mean."

Oh, we think we know what you mean. (Knowing thumbs-up, wink-wink, etc etc.) It should be relatively easy to spot the people who refused to cooperate with Waxman: They're the ones limping around town with a far-off look in their eyes. If Waxman's using that kind of "influence," we're more than a little surprised that her feud with David O. Russell has gone on as long as it has...