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With the delicious testimonies of Disney CEO Michael Eisner and erstwhile superagent/president-for-a-minute Michael Ovitz fading from memory, the heat on The Hollywood Trial of the Century has all but dissipated. While Ovitz's pathological denial made him feel his time on the witness stand helped to rehabilitate his battered rep around town (being called a "psychopath" isn't so bad, right?), he took another beating in Tuesday's proceedings, when former Disney chief legal counsel branded Ovitz a "total failure." As if this tarring wasn't enough, Litvack dumped the feathers on the ex-president's head, sneakily impugning Ovtiz's vaunted lying ability by claiming that he never lied about any "material" issues while at the Mouse.

Now he can't even lie when it counts? What's sadder than a former agent roaming around corporate offices, shoulders slumped in defeat, reduced to answering the question, "Hey, what's the weather like?" with a weak, "I was just outside, and it's raining pinatas shaped like elephants"? A total failure indeed.