· Falcon The Band, the band with world's most complicated backstory perform at Tommy's Tavern in Greenpoint, Brooklyn tonight at 11pm. $5 [Tommy's Tavern]
· We had no idea, but there are, like, other blogs out there! And some are about books, ew. Go size up their authors and see if any are hot, as literary website writers discuss their bookworm bubble life. [Housing Works]
· Stick a needle in your arm and head to Rothko tonight for the Vice Records Tour, featuring Panthers, Death From Above 1979, and Vietnam. Don't even think about showering. [Rothko]
· Geek out with all the other uptown freaks at the Columbia discussion of Godzilla's place in world culture. You might want to grab a few beers first. [Upcoming]
· Guided By Voices give their last show EVER tonight at Irving Plaza. Feel bad about not having tix? Neither do we. [Irving Plaza]