This week's Village Voice features an 'Essay' by Sloane Crosley (she of the White Girl, Big Butt meme) in which she nominates herself as the post-everything Emily Post.

She isn't half bad at the Miss Manners thing, either. Here are some highlights:

On Evite: "The Starbucks of the Internet. The illusion of choice, made to order... There's nothing more irritating than a private joke played out among a small segment of the invitees."

On Text Messaging: "More than any other communication advance, this one's fucking up our relationships.... Guys: Nary a full-grown woman is wooed by passing notes. This all seems a lot like fifth grade, but it's actually not."

On Camera Phones: "Not everything that's good enough for Gawker is good enough for you..."

Ms. Crosley knows whereof she speaks, having been trapped with fellow Random House publicists by a Mediabistro paparazzo in 2002. Someone sign this girl up for her own advice column, please.
E-nough is E-nough [VV]
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