Amazon sales rank of Seth Mnookin's Hard News: The Scandals at The New York Times and Their Meaning for American Media at 11PM EST last night before the author appeared on The Daily Show with Jon Stewart: 2,549

Amazon sales rank last night at 11:35PM EST: 2,391

Amazon sales rank this morning at 7:45AM EST: 1,223

We call that growth people!

We're no Tom Shales, but Mnookin (or as we call him "Mnooks") did pretty good last night. He was a bit short on banter with the host, but he came off like an old newspaperman with a loosened tie and a tough approach to (plug!) hard news.

We do wish he'd have gotten into some Times-bashing, though. Whenever Stewart called former Times Executive Editor Howell Raines a "dick," Mnookin would tense up and say "Your words!" We guess Stewart can get away with that stuff, since the Pope is scheduled to beatify him later this week.
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