When a hawks' nest was abruptly removed from its co-opted perch at 527 Fifth Avenue, animal lovers and city officials raised ethical questions and Mary Tyler Moore threw a hissy fit. In case you were wondering what sort of evil people would force hawk homelessness, it's none other than Paula Zahn and friends! Building residents include:

1) Real estate developer and co-op board president Richard Cohen and wife CNN anchor Paula Zahn (8th floor)
2) Lazard's Bruce Wasserstein and wife (10th floor, possible duplex?)
3) Shoe maven Kenneth Cole sold out last year to hedge fund manager Lee Ainslie (3rd floor, 6200sqft)
4) Belco Oil and Gas Corp. founder Robert Belfer and wife Renee
5) Apollo Management founding partner Marc J. Rowan and wife Carolyn
6) Office of plastic surgeon Dr. Robert Schwager
7) Mary Tyler Moore and Dr. Robert Levine (exempted from scorn for speaking out against nest removal)
8) Laura Winters, "freelance journalist" (uh...)

Who's Who At 927 Fifth Avenue [Curbed]