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During the course of The Hollywood Trial of the Century, erstwhile superagent and Disney president-for-a-day Michael Ovitz has been called a "psychopath," a "total failure" who couldn't even lie properly, and a "cancer." With the trial winding down as we approach the holidays, the LAW's Nikki Finke piles on by pointing crotchward at Ovitz and snickering:

The defense lawyers should read into the record pages from Christopher Byron’s recent tales of CEOs gone wild, Testosterone Inc. The stuff about former CEOs Jack Welch (the adulterer from General Electric), Ron Perelman (the bully of Revlon) and Al Dunlap (the dictator of Sunbeam) is like a vial of Viagra for corporate-malfeasance junkies and makes Ovitz’s pettiness, even sexed up by the plaintiffs’ lawyers, look like limp-dick talk.

If this were literally Ovitz's deficiency, it might've solved the problem of shoving him down Eisner's throat. Physically, at least.