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Well, it wasn't functioning flak jackets or fully armored Humvees, but the troops in Afghanistan (yes, Virginia, there are still troops in Afghanistan) got something special this week: Robin Williams' man boobs.

As AP reports:

"Williams' typically X-rated standup act... had the crowd of more than 1,000 roaring as he bounced around the stage. On an unseasonably warm winter day, he took off his jacket, revealing a Vince Lombardi High School T-shirt that he later tossed into the crowd, leaving himself briefly bare-chested."

I'm sure they all appreciated that very much.

Oh, and to the Chicago Sun Times staffer who came up with the 'Good Morning, Afghanistan!' headline: You did it. You really, really did it.
Myers, Robin Williams Visit Afghan Troops [AP, Yahoo]
Photo: AP [Yahoo]