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A reader notices what could be a brilliant breakthrough in movie marketing by the folks at Disney, who are apparently thinking out of the box...the cardboard box:

This morning as I was driving in to work, I noticed a homeless man on the corner of Melrose and Highland begging for money...and wearing a brand new Incredibles t-shirt. Looks like Disney is just savvy enough to find unused human billboards and put them to good use. Did some Disney marketing exec drive all over town, hunting the most visible homeless beggars and toss them a clean Incredibles t-shirt and a $100 bill? Are there others around town, or just this one dude?

If there aren't more human billboards now, there will be as soon as Disney realizes they have a great opportunity to expand this new program all over the city. Look for the t-shirts and the telltale, scrawled signs, "Will Be Incredible For Food."