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Screw 'VICE', right? Those dudes suck! Screw 'em!

Or... Screw for 'VICE'. Suck for them, too, while you're at it.

Right now, the freebie magazine you love to hate is looking to Ă©pater le bourgeois (that's French Canadian for "piss off your step dad") with a 'Sex' issue. Wanna piss off your step dad, too?

I'm doing a casting for the next Vice fashion Spread. It's for the sex issue and we are looking for young, attractive people who are willing to be photographed having sex, or at least heavily making out, partially clothed. We need a broad spectrum of people and sexual preferences. Do you know anyone in or around NYC that might be interested? The shoot is scheduled for the end of next week with photographer Richard Kern.

Email your photo to, Attention: Tim Barber.

Bonus points if you wear American flag undies.