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According to the profile of The Aviator star, Leonardo DiCaprio, (and his director, Martin Scorsese) in the current issue of Entertainment Weekly, the actor had an rather unpleasant encounter with celebrity scourge (and Bush family member) Billy Bush at the premiere of his film:

For a segment titled "Leo Full Frontal?" the celeb interviewer queried DiCaprio relentlessly about just one Aviator aspect: the fact that he had to go nude to play an extended scene of Hughes having a mental breakdown in his private screening room. (We get passing intimations of his backside, caught by flashing light from a movie projector.) The actor breaks into a letter-perfect Billy Bush imitation—the breathless delivery, the thrust-in-your-face microphone—as he recalls the indignity of the questions. "To walk up and have this man ask me, 'So hey, your butt's out there a lot in this movie, huh? Like, you were naked in this movie! How does that make you feel, that your butt was out?!'" DiCaprio does a head-shake double take, like a bobblehead doll. "I was really taken aback by that one. A movie that was eight years in the making...and that's the sum total. That's all it's come down to. My naked butt."

Taken aback. Har Har. Cut 'im some slack, Leo: He was just identifying with your ass. (Or maybe he could see himself in your ass?)
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