Clay Aiken In Overly-Clichd Relationship?

Gosh, we sure do love American Idol runner-up Clay Aiken and his army of irate and defensive fans Claymates. While we appreciate their suggestions that, instead of hating on Aiken, we "accept Jesus" into our hearts, we're not sure divine intervention would prevent us from covering newsworthy Aiken updates such as this tidbit regarding one John Dahlstrom, from email newsletter Gossiplist:

Could this be Clay's own personal Claymate? John D is Clay's stylist and hairdresser and there have been rumors about them for months, maybe even a year or so. He's not even officially on Clay's current tour but he still manages to show up at several venues with him.

Are we really to believe this? There is no way Clay has a stylist. If he did, would he look so gay?
John Dahlstrom [Tv Tome]