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We don't know how anyone in their right mind managed to carve up over 1600 words on Wes Anderson's Life Aquatic as emblematic of the hipster bell curve, but we're convinced the writer is either brilliantly retarded or batshit insane, if not both. A taste:

So the youth culture of the moment believes itself doomed to historical insignificance. But wait, what s that on the horizon? It s a dayglow yellow helicopter. Who s piloting that whirlybird, the man in the pom-pom-topped orange knit cap, the sky-blue jumpsuit with royal-blue trim, the brown corduroy blazer, and the glasses with clear-plastic frames? Why, it s Wes Anderson. For a brief half decade or so, he seemed the voice of our generation, the hipster messiah.

Then there's this whole thing about how Anderson is the hipster generation's Charles Manson, but we don't think his movies are that bad.
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