Brad And Jen Break-Up Fallout: The Denial Stage

Many of us are only now starting to feel the impact of Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston's historic break-up. A reader questions reality itself, obviously grasping for the straws of meaning that are so elusive during the inevitable denial stage resulting from such a profound loss:

I've been reading about all these witnesses seeing them share one final good bye kiss then getting on the same chopper on their way back to LA before announcing their split (The Sun, News of the World, for example). Could they be pranking us or something? No one's split is THAT amicable. Right??? Why would they prank us though, to make fun of the tabloids? OK, I may be in denial I just being paranoid? I gotta chill on the weed.

The publicists aren't even denying it anymore. It's clearly time to move on. But don't abandon the drugs just yet—none of us are strong enough to get through these difficult times without a little help.

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