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A tipster writes to TVGasm to stir up a little trouble for the third go-around of The Bachelorette, which premiered last night.

i have no idea whether you watch the bachelorette, but one of the new suitors (fabrice) is gay, and an actor - i went on a few dates with him about 6 months ago. plus now he has a boyfriend. so is that supposed to be the twist this season or something? or are these just standard reality-show lies?

At this point in the evolution of reality TV, there's absolutely no point in separating "actor desperate for screen time" from "fading television series desperate for a plot twist," so let's not suffer any aneurysms trying to figure it all out. If we're going to suffer grievous brain trauma, it's going to be from something worthwhile, like watching a naked Verne Troyer tool around the Surreal Life house on his scooter.