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An operative updates us with some info about Cameron Diaz's rumored reality show:

I know someone who was talking about working on Cameron Diaz's reality show for MTV/VH1 last summer - it has something to do with travelling around the world (South America, specifically) and helping the environment, along those lines. At that time Drew Barrymore was also attached - I'm not sure if she is involved as a co-conspirator in Saving the World 101 or as a producer.

See? This is exactly why we said we weren't getting our hopes up. We don't want to see $20 million-per-pic stars rolling whales back into the ocean or talking about global warming. We want catfights, three-ways, and talking about how good the blow is at Ashton Kutcher's house, preferably all in the same episode.

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Info keeps pouring in:

"Trippin" will chronicle Diaz her and her friends (i.e. Drew Barrymore, Farnsworth) traveling to countries around the world. The focus will be on the many incredible sights in that country, including the environmental aspects/concerns in the region. The show will make the connection that the same environmental concerns exist in our own backyard, and the ways viewers can get involved.

Yup, still not interested.