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We promise that this is the last thing you'll hear about Cameron Diaz's new reality show, the insouciantly titled Trippin', until Monday at the earliest. As much as we hate to see a report like this disappear into the late Friday afternoon ether, this update deserves a posting before we disappear for the long weekend.

Ok, first of all it's a show for MTV and it involves doing, like, stunts and stuff while they are traveling all over the globe. T there have been nothing but nightmare problems on the show, from no story to no point! But MTV is big on having "celebrity" shows right now that they desperately wanted to work something out with Justin Timberlake's girlfriend, who by the way is a fantastic asshole. So, it's the only show in MTV history that's been in production for, like, ever. And with the insane amount of cash they are paying editors right now, it's all going to rely on the poor guy who's gonna have to sift through all the footage and make chicken soup out of chicken shit. I wish I was a celebrity so I could pitch dumb ass ideas and get deals.

We can't wait to see Diaz and Drew Barrymore bungee-jump out of a hot-air balloon in Costa Rica, encouraging the Punk'd generation to trade in their SUVs for a Toyota Prius.