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Say what you will about Post books editor Jared Paul Stern and his crazy fedora, but you can't question the man's hefty testicles. In an interview with The Black Table, Stern reflects on his time as Bonnie Fuller's wingman at Star magazine:

Between Bonnie and her deputy dildo Joe Dolce the place is a soul-destroying black hole of despair. It's no wonder the assistants piss in her soup. (I know I did.) I did it for the money, which I knew was fucking stupid, but I didn't know how stupid at the time. Didn't take me long to figure it out though. Almost everyone who was there at the time has quit now as well; most of them are writing books about what a bitch Bonnie is. Word on the street is Dolce's working on his own bitchy little tell-all.

Strip away the Gucci leathers — which by the way look like ass — and Bonnie Fuller is a fat celebrity on the beach. Minus the celebrity and the beach. She never stopped eating except to yell at people because her soup tastes like piss, or whatever. Hiring her and spending all that dough was a big fucking gamble for David Pecker, and I think he's probably feeling very sorry about now, having pissed away $50 million with fuck all to show for it. Rumor has it he's wants to get rid of her ass ASAP — especially after Star royally fucked up on the Brad Pitt/Jennifer Aniston story.

And this is the nice stuff. We're kind of in love.
Rock And A Hard Place: Jared Paul Stern, Gossip Monger [Black Table]