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Tucked away in the lower right-hand corner of E!'s home page is a link to this clarification about something said on the red carpet at the Golden Globes: (Look for the image copied here at left.)

E! APOLOGY On Sunday, something was said on the red carpet regarding Dakota Fanning. E! Networks would like viewers to know that this insensitive comment was not true, and it was spoken in jest. We apologize to Dakota and her family for any misunderstanding. Also, because Dakota has devoted much of her time and energy to tsunami relief efforts, E! has made a donation to UNICEF in her name.

What could the good folks at E! have said to merit such an apology? Did Star Jones hold the moppet aloft and say she'd make a yummy hors d'oeuvres, or whisper that if she was a good little girl, one day she would grow up to marry a gay man in front of the whole world? According to a reader, the offender was Kathy Griffin, who said of the precocious starlet who hasn't yet seen her eleventh birthday, "Little Dakota Fanning entered rehab today, and we wish her the best." Judging by the swift apology both on-air and online (video clip available at E!), Fanning's publicist Was. Not. Amused. Her people were probably pissed that they had to burn their "she's not in rehab" denial on the ten-year-old, knowing that they're probably going to need that one again in about 5-7 years.