'NYT' Drops Hip-Hop Science

We really can't imagine anything more amusing than Boldface Names lackey David Jay Lansky proving his urban authenticity to Bishop Don Magic Juan, the man best known for being the pimplike hanger-on to rapper Snoop Dogg. The nonsensical exchange:

How's Snoop Dogg doing, our reporter asked.

"Oh, man, he's doing great," the Bishop said.

Our man took this as his cue to establish his rap creds.

"Snoop Doggy, whoa, oh; whoa oh; whoa," he sang.

The Bishop was naturally stunned, and, if we may interpret his remarks, impressed.

"It's going on, but it's dropping like it's hot," he said. "You know what I mean? Step your game down."

Does anyone know what the hell Bishop means? We're open to your guesses.
Advice For The Star-Struck [NYT]