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A funny thing happened on Saturday night as we waited in line to beg our way into the Entertainment Weekly party, where the likes of Casey Affleck, David Schwimmer, Adrien Brody, Tom Arnold (!), and Crispin Glover were hanging out. (We got in eventually. Yay for free booze!) The Apprentice season one champ Bill Rancic sashayed up to the entrance and walked right in with barely a nod to a publicist. About ten seconds later, an enraged staffer stomped out to let loose on her gatekeepers. "Who the hell let The Apprentice guy in? I told him 17 times that he can't be here. He's not on the list, he's not confirmed! He's not supposed to be here!"

Even when you're seated at the right hand of The Donald, you're still on the reality D-list.