Couldn't get a signal to post from inside the theater, but we finally hunted down some WiFi access after the screening of Pretty Persuasion, a Heathers-y high school dark comedy with Evan Rachel Wood, James Woods, and Ron Livingston. Not too notable, other than the myriad fellatio scenes (both of the boy-girl and girl-girl variety*) and Woods' hilarious, pill-popping, virulently "truth-telling" (read: racist), Beverly Hills dad in decline. Tries to score too many easy points off Arabs (hey, some of them wear these crazy scarves on their heads, don't speaka the English so good, and don't even know what lesbians are! And don't get us started on the anal sex!). But we digress, we're far too hung over to write a review. The buzz had been pretty good (people love their jailbait blowjob scenes) and the wait-list tickets were snatched up very early. But: eh.

Before the movie started, watched a guy admiring his picture in the paper (couldn't tell, but looked like the NYT) with a friend of his. Didn't seem to be an actor, though. Even Sundance has a theoretical limit to the number of clichés it can support at any given moment.

[* Correction here.]