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Thanks to a reader inexplicably in attendance, we've got an exclusive account of the hardly-publicized, super-secret Trump wedding reception:

I was lucky enough to have a prime invitation to Mar-a-lago on Sunday, the day after Trump's wedding. And it just so happened to be that this extravagant club was the setting for Donald and Melania's post wedding brunch.

Among the attendants were celebrities and socialites alike. The Palm
Beach divas were decked out in diamonds, designers and decadent hats
while the celebs took it easy with a more casual approach.

Celebrities included Star Jones and new hubby Al Reynolds, Anna Wintour, Mark Burnett and family, Pat O'Brien, Billy Bush, Don King, Rudy Giuliani and of course the couple of the hour, Donald and Melania...

After the jump, reality television producer Mark Burnett doesn't let the death of Johnny Carson dampen his post-wedding spirits.

The buffet included everything from caviar to a white chocolate fountain. Guests were also invited to sample leftover wedding cake.

With no honeymoon planned, Trump was arranging his golf game for the next day. During the party word spread that Johnny Carson had passed away. Burnett was the first to pipe up that he's been looking for a house in his area and this might be his opportunity...such sympathy.

The brunch ended in the early afternoon with guests being whisked off to their private jets in one of Trump's 7 Maybachs.

Emphasis ours, because we wouldn't want you to miss out on the Burnett vacation house-hunting.