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Has Jonathan Cheban encountered murky waters? Has his glossy status been penetrated? The repercussions of his prominent shilling in yesterday's Washington Post article lead us to believe that our favorite publicist/hanger-on/phone-lover might not be invincible:

Yesterday the cable music channel [VH1] banned the 31-year-old Cheban - a talking head on shows such as "The Fabulous Life of ..." - after he blabbed to The Washington Post's David Segal that he'd been paid by Evian to mention the designer water during a segment on "The Fabulous Life of Cameron Diaz."

A VH1 rep told Lowdown: "VH1 was not aware that he represented Evian. We are no longer using him in any of our shows - this was a decision based on this incident. This behavior is unacceptable to us. We will pull the Cameron Diaz episode and reedit it before it airs again. We don't tolerate this, and we won't tolerate this."

Cable channel blacklisting means only one thing: the end is near. Not wanting to leave Cheban in the cold, we've already booked his one-way ticket to Elba.
Evian Plug Gets Talker In Hot Water [Lowdown (2nd item)]