From: Robert
To: Gawker
Date: 1.26.2005
Subject: Has Jonathan Cheban encountered murky waters?

Help me understand... Yes this guy Cheban is without doubt an industrial size tool, but what makes the vacuous, celebrity obsessed Gawker crew any different? Is this not the proverbial pot and black kettle scenario?

An excellent and easily-answered question, darling Robert. You're right: the Gawker crew is indeed vacuous and obsessive like young Cheban, but there is one crucial difference. While Cheban name-drops his celebrity "friends" in order to assert his existence (both to the press and, we suspect, himself), we don't even PRETEND to KNOW celebrities. Sure, we love rich people and all the rich little things they do, but we don't purport to be a part of their circles.

Oh, and we wear shitty clothes. That too.