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The NY Times uses the recent lawsuit claiming that Entourage's Kevin Connolly dumped his management (after he found out HBO had picked up the show, naturally) to examine a larger problem in Hollywood: Working actors opportunistically kicking their managers curbward at the first blush of success.

Much of the problem...stems from a loophole in the Talent Agencies Act in California, which says that only a licensed agent can procure work for actors. An actor can cite the law to assert that a manager broke the law by getting them work, and thus quit the contract.

With this kind of soul-crushing Catch-22 built into their profession, we don't know how managers are expected to do their jobs. There's really only one solution: Hug a toaster and jump into the jacuzzi before the actor you "illegally" set up in a series-regular job on Everwood calls to dump you.