Tara Reid Keeps Trying To Change Her Image

We never thought we'd say this, but we're starting to feel pity for Tara Reid. Apparently feeling guilty for getting tricked over and over again by the NY Post, her publicist is marching her in front of any journalist willing to listen about how very hard she's trying to change her party-girl image. Here's Reid telling the AP about her arduous preparation for her genius anthropologist role in Alone in the Dark.

"It's a totally different kind of role than what I normally play, and I really enjoyed it," says Reid. "I wore almost no makeup. My hair is pulled back, and I'm wearing glasses.[...]

Reid says she studied hard for her "Alone" role, going to museums, scanning the internet and learning technical words she says reminded her of spelling bees on TV. She also twisted her ankle on the set running from a fake explosion.

She went to museums! How adorable! But you'd think that someone would've told the poor thing that she didn't have to run quite so fast from fake explosions, just fast enough to jiggle a little under her lab coat.