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After how well-behaved and consummately professional Lindsay Lohan was on the set of Herbie: Fully Loaded (they only threatened to fire her once or twice!), how could anyone have anticipated that Lohan might be a handful on the location shoot for Just My Luck? The wily Lohan blindsides us all:

On-set sources say Lohan missed work on Tuesday and that her late nights at New Orleans college bars The Boot and Club 360 have "made her late to the set" several times.

However, Lohan's rep counters that Lohan "was sick and left the set early — but she did show up! She had an earache and her stomach was bothering her." (Lohan also fell ill on the set of "Herbie" and had to be hospitalized).

That's some impressive damage control. Anything else they want to throw in there? How about, "Lindsay meant to come to the set on time, but a truck full of puppies on their way to a children's cancer ward overturned in front of her on the highway, and Lindsay refused to leave until every last one made its way to a sick kid. Then she caught a mild case of Hodgkin's from hugging a little boy with only two weeks to live, but they treated her on the spot and she showed up to work like nothing had happened. Nailed every line." How can we ever doubt Lohan's professionalism again?

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