Earlier today we looked at Maureen Callahan's Post article about important, influential downtown hipsters who get lots of free shit while they spread their nebulous 'influence' hither and yon. (For those who couldn't get enough, we'd also direct you to Robert Lanham's Free Williamsburg piece on basically the same subject from December 2003.)

The piece obviously ruffled some feathers to judge from some of the emails we got and this icky, dead-on parody by bloggers Lindsay Robertson and Alex Balk.

The best parts of the parody are the fake quotes from the principals.

In related news, we hear The Post is running a correction tomorrow about some of its quotes. We'll link as soon as it's available.

Update: Looks like our 'correction' comment needs some... correction. Turns out the only thing being fixed in tomorrow's Post is the attribution of the pull-quote in the print edition ("It was important to give the Killers street cred..."), which was said by Carmelita Morales in Callahan's piece, not Leigh Lezark. So, there ya go: a meta-meta-correction.

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