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We don't usually cover hair care stories, but The New York Times is reporting that David Talbot, the chief executive and editor-in-chief of Salon is stepping down. Why a salon needs an editor-in-chief (and, further, why media writer David Carr is covering this for The Times) is unclear.

Talbot tells Carr:

"I think the timing is right," said Mr. Talbot, who will continue as chairman of the company while he works on a book about Robert F. Kennedy. "If the business was shaky, I would feel uncomfortable, but things are now stable and I think I am handing my baby off to two women I have complete trust in."

Wow, a hair stylist, editor, writer, and mother: We're respecting this Talbot fellow more and more. And, judging from Carr's headline, he seems to be some sort of mouse trainer as well!

The Founder of Salon Is Passing the Mouse [NYT]