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Lindsay Lohan is piling up the gossip items down in New Orleans as fast as the tabloids can print them. This morning's Lohan round-up:

Rush and Molloy: Wow, the line for the ladies' room at Whiskey Blue in New Orleans must've been really long the other night: Lindsay Lohan and Samaire Armstrong had to share a stall, our spywitness tells us.

Page Six: HERE'S bad luck on Lindsay Lohan's movie, "Just My Luck." Lohan (above) spent a lot of time partying in the early days of filming in New Orleans and came down with a bad flu, as we reported yesterday. Now word comes that production has been shut down completely due to Lohan's illness — costing producers big bucks every day. They should call the people who made "Herbie: Fully Loaded" with Lohan — they also had their budget busted when Lohan became sick on-set. A rep for "Luck" said shooting would resume tomorrow.

Does it seem like there might be a cause-and-effect relationship between Lindsay Lohan and her bony co-star cramming into a bathroom stall (where she was probably just drinking Shirley Temples) and this mysterious, publicist-endorsed "flu" that's shut down production? No, really, we're asking. Does it? It's too early for our feeble brains to perform those kinds of mental gymnastics. Also, Tuesday was Mardi Gras, but introducing another variable to this equation would likely give us a crippling aneurysm.

Also: Fez is handling the post-Lohan era philosophically.