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David Cross made an appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live last night (hopefully he avoided drinking any of that magical champagne they serve in the dressing room) to promote Arrested Development. After he and Kimmel ticked off all of the awards the show has won, Cross revealed that he "found out on the internet" that production of the show had been shut down (here?). He then speculated about what kind of animated/reality/midget/Who's Your Daddy? hybrid project would replace his show::

I hope Fox puts in its place, like, you know, America's Cutest Retards. What's left for them to do? We got midgets trying to pull an elephant. What's left? We've got orphans trying to figure out who their dads are...come on. Let's go with retards. OK? Let's do it

If you're planning on directing angry phone calls to Fox's Gail Berman about Arrested Development's fate, wait until tomorrow. We have a feeling she'll be tied up today scouring assisted-living communities for the talent that will stock the network's surefire midseason hit.