A reader just called our attention to the best correction ever in Sunday s New York Times, for an article by Selim Algar that ran January 30th in the paper s Long Island section. The correction comes in at 933 words, making it almost half the length of the original article and longer than just about anything we ve ever written.

It's so darn long, in fact, it's after the jump.

The article, about the reaction among local Turks to raids by federal agents on Turkish-owned gas stations, failed to report that the charges against the men had been dismissed.

"The article also reported incorrectly that the four men—Turhan Ak, Sukru Akkaya, Mustafa Catalbas and Ahmet Cayan—had been charged with evading taxes and bootlegging gasoline. It also implied incorrectly that they were charged with smuggling illegal aliens into the United States. The Times article contained a number of errors and was marred by journalistic lapses. The most serious lapse was the failure of the newspaper to contact the four men or their lawyers.

Hey Selim, we hear Fox is hiring.

Correction: February 6, 2005, Sunday [NYT]