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A reader submits this account of Cameron Diaz's high-speed chase with paparazzi yesterday, which ended in the parking lot at MTV's offices:

Looks like the paparazzi are seeking revenge from that last incident Cameron had with them a few months back! I was at the MTV building yesterday afternoon in Santa Monica waiting outside. Suddenly a black Prius came careening into the parking lot at full speed. It drove in so quickly that it scraped up against a pole, scraping up the entire side of the car. I look up to see who it was, and sure enough Cameron Diaz was behind the wheel outrunning the paparazzi. Not 10 seconds later, 3 black SUV trucks came roaring in with paparazzi popping out of each truck, now chasing after Cameron on foot. Both security and police had to be called in to remove them. Quite a scene, and quite a gash to poor Cammie's car. I'm sure she'll have a new one before the weekend.

After making Diaz bang up her Prius, there's nowhere for this feud to go but bloodshed. We'll see who strikes first when the paparazzi invade Diaz and Justin Timberlake's secret Valentine's Day event in Vegas this weekend. Perhaps Timberlake will reclaim his balls from Diaz's purse and take a swing at somebody? Nah...