Steve Jobs Plays The Dozens With Michael Eisner

With the end of their movie partnership looming, Pixar head Steve Jobs isn't going to take any smack-talk by Disney CEO Michael Eisner like a bitch. Watch out, Big Mike, this CGI kitten's got claws:

Responding to a question about the Burbank entertainment giant's own digital efforts, Eisner described as "pretty pathetic" the computerized human characters created by Pixar, compared with the ones Disney itself is working on with veteran animator Glen Keane, director of the studio's forthcoming film "Rapunzel Unbraided."

Jobs said sarcastically: "Our films don't stack up to 'Atlantis,' 'Emperor's New Groove' or 'Treasure Planet.' "

Not content to let things end on that barb, Jobs then added, "Eisner's momma so fat I gotta roll over twice to get off of her."