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Jason Bateman hosted this weekend's SNL, where Lorne Michaels and the gang generously let him turn his monologue into a plea for people to watch the not-yet-canceled-but-probably-canceled Arrested Development. (They even lent him Amy Poehler, who's married to AD co-star Will Arnett, to help with the pitch so that the couple can keep things "good in the bedroom," a worthy cause if ever there was one. Surely America will want to help the lovable Arnett get some ass!) But Bateman has no illusions about the show's timeslot competition, the juggernaut Extreme Makeover: Home Edition: "Who's going to watch us when they can watch a hot, shirtless guy build a skate ramp for a kid with no bones?"

Unfortunately, it doesn't look like Arnett's going to get laid for a while, as the boneless kids (and the Grammys) beat up on Arrested Development last night. Let's see if fans can get Gail Berman to issue another insincere note about how she wants to keep AD on Fox until the Rapture (or until America's Cutest Retards is ready, whichever comes first).